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Healthy Relationships

July 30, 2012

I want everyone I care about to be in a healthy relationship.  

I know that there are no perfect relationships, but there are healthy ones.  A person should be with someone who loves their flaws because those flaws are just as much a part of their partner as their better attributes.  A person deserves to hear compliments from their partner about the way they look and about their ideas and actions.  A person deserves to have someone who will listen to them when they need to vent and not judge them.  I know that I was in relationships in the past where I did not feel respected, but I stayed in those relationships because I started to believe that I couldn’t ever find a better relationship.  I remember feeling weak and feeling a sense of loneliness that comes with the thought that there may not be another person on this planet meant for me.   I realized that we end up being victimized not only by the other person, but also by ourselves.   It took me such a long time to trust and to accept love and respect.  I wasted so much of my life coming and going from relationship to unhealthy relationship that when someone finally showed me that I was special, I almost didn’t believe them.

To The People I Love And Care For:  I want you to be happy, truly and deliriously happy in your relationships.  I don’t want you to accept anything less than someone who knows the worst things about you and loves you all the more.  I want you to feel light-headed when you kiss the person that you are with.  I want you to feel attractive and special every single day and for your partner to remind you that you are if you forget.  I want you to know that your friends and family want you to be in a healthy relationship.  

I want you to realize that waiting for the right someone to come along is far better than enduring however many wrong someone’s.  


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