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Some people are just like that…

May 4, 2012

I can’t explain what happened when I met “Sally”.  I knew that I cared about Sally from the very first moment.  I cared about how Sally’s day was going and how Sally’s husband and kids were doing.   When Sally had a problem,  I found myself praying for her to whatever Gods would listen to make it all right.  I got to know Sally better, what kind of person that she was and what made her tick and I felt more than justified with the connection that I felt with her.  It is strange though, I knew that I would care about her when we met…instantly.  Unfortunately Sally is going through one of the most difficult times in her life and a part of me feels sick and awful inside because she is dealing with more than anyone should ever have to deal with.  I will not go into details because it is not right to advertise another’s problems.  Sally is not even her real name.  Sally is more that just an aquaintence, and though I am not sure that I could ever explain it to her…she is one of the best people that I have ever met.  Sally loves her husband so much and when I see them together I see the devotion in their eyes that I have for my own wife.  Sally is so proud of her kids, and loves her entirely family with such a purity that is almost painful to imagine because it challenges my own notion of what it means to dedicate yourself to those that you love.  I have been around people who are so negative that they infect you and almost seem happy to do it; but Sally is the opposite of that.  Sally doesn’t have to do much of anything, but somehow you feel better just having spent five minutes talking to her.  It is surpassing strange that someone that I honestly don’t know well enough to say that we are close means so much to me. 

I do believe that we are “feeling” creatures more than “thinking” creatures and for the most part I think that is to our own benefit.  We often let our brains get in the way of seeing the truth of things.  Sometimes we care about people because we are suppose to.  Sometimes we meet people that add something profound to our lives and whether or not we can give that “thing” a name or not, we should accept it and be grateful. 

I spent most of my life lamenting about how everyone else always seemed to be surrounded by so many friends and how most of my close family has passed on and how I didn’t know how to find good friends.  At 33 years old I have a Mother and Father that are proud of me, I am married to my soulmate and I have found in her family a collection of the kind of people that I have been wishing to know all my life.  How did this happen?  Someone had to have been listening to me pray and seen the pain that I was in and decided to set things in motion so that I would find the people that I needed to find.  Being grateful never use to be in my nature and right now all I can feel is an all-encompassing gratitude to whomever or whatever heard me and acted on my behalf.

It is not that I didn’t appreciate what I have until now, it is just that somehow thinking about Sally reminded me to be grateful more often.  Sally also makes me realize that there isn’t much that I wouldn’t do for the people that I care about and just how helpless it makes me feel not being able to just make things better for someone like her.  I can only hope that the same God/Gods/Powers That Be that heard and answered my prayers before will hear me now and watch over Sally. 




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